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Put Down That TV Guide

A 24 Community

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Are you a fan of 24 and trying to avoid spoilers but can't put down that TV Guide? This is the place for you!

Are you a fan of 24 who would like to have intelligent conversations about one of their favorite shows? This is the place for you too.

We're a spoiler support group but basically feel free to talk about anything and everything involving 24. This is a place for open and uncensored commentary about episodes, characters, etc. Creative works and pictures are also welcomed.

There are only two rules:

1) All commentary about current episode MUST be LJ-CUT until the next episode airs. This is to allow people who don't get to watch 24 on Tuesdays to still friend us and not be worried about being spoiled for the episode. That means that this an honor system. It's not screened. However, any thoughts on earlier episodes don't have to be cut.

2) No spoilers or ad commentary allowed. This is for obvious reasons. However, if you have speculation that is not based on spoilers or anything you've seen, please, share!

That's it. I hope this will be a fun environment for everyone.

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