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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 10:04 pm
leontes: Flash Bang! Flash Bang!

Intense freakin episode. I love you Michelle! Don't go Nina on us!

I'd never thought I'd see Amador unnerved. South-African dude is more of badass than he is. I wonder what his and Jack's past relationship is.

Chapelle has no spine. Seriously. Jack shouldn't be on active duty. Everyone knows that Jack executed her.

You know. I just don't understand Kim's plot. It seems like everywhere else (except with Palmer) emotions don't count, but as soon as Kim comes along, suddenly everyone is operating on this sensitive, emotional level. It's like a vortex surrounds here that makes everyone feel human, while all other times people act like murderous rages. David has the kind of thing going on.

I think if next season if Chloe and Adam will go Mulder and Skully on us over the weirdness of the every hour crisis of the days of crisis. You would think someone would notice that all of most significant moments happen shortly before the top of the hour.

I love how the detective calls Sherry so late at night and doesn't appologize for calling her at 340 in the morning. I mean, I 'm sure sherry has an odd sleep schedule but really.

Mind you, besides Palmer's catnap, Sherry is the only person getting sleep. That's kind of the opposite of the Lady Macbeth in the play. I think they should also show everyone obsessively washing their hands to remove a spot.. Sleepwalking would be a good excuse for the behavior of Tony and Michelle to each other.

Can I just say I never want to be taken to a room by Chase with Jack Bauer behind me saying, "I don't want the SWAT guys interrupting us, We've got some work to do." Even if it was sexual. Scarifing man, Jack. Why the hell was he allowed in the country? I think Jack's total kill count this season is almost up to half of W's Texas Governor execution tally, which is disturbing. Hmm.. Maybe Angela is getting some shut eye too.

Every-time anyone uses one of those grenades that emit the bright light and the stunning noise I always yell at the TV, "Flash Bang Flash Bang". I don't know what TV or Film I picked it up from, but it amuses me.

Man, Tony is having a pretty shitty day. I wonder how much hazard pay these guys get for each of these crisies.

I love the fact that I can always be out the room during the commercial breaks because of the distinctive boop boop boop noise of the back to 24 noise. It's much more regular than that chord progression that signified the return to Next Gen. It's also nice they don't have a boop boop boop in the middle of commercials.

For some reason, this episode is too intense for me. I just want to be over, I just feel for the poor people this hour. I mean, everyone just looks tired. I'd totally just crash in one of the rooms at the hotel if I was Michelle. Deal with the damn virus in the morning.

Michelle? Kicks ASS. She better not get infected, damnit. She's pretty much toast though. No one else is there who matters. And then we will have the tearful goodbye between her and Tony. Damn you 24 writers.

MIchelle? She's awsome. Why the hell has been kept at a desk all day. I bet she could take Chase no problem. Don't Die, Michelle. Please?

Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004 10:01 pm (UTC)

I have to go to sleep, but I'll comment on all of this tomorrow. That's right, be very afraid. Bwa ha ha.