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Fri, Feb. 20th, 2004, 01:15 pm
xandra73: My thoughts on 3x14

Since this review became rather long, I thought I could crosspost this here and my own LJ. :) No deep thoughts, just a summary of my expressions. :)

I think this was the longest download ever. Which was especially cruel because people told me this is maybe the best episode of the season so far. It was finished yesterday at midnight. Usually I don't even start watching that late, but this time I just had to. :)

And it was worth it. I really, really loved this episode. It's funny. They are back in L.A. and it feels like 24 again. That Season 2 feeling that gives me the illusion of 'reality'. You know what I mean? Mexico felt more like a TV show from the 80's. It's hard to explain, sorry. Now to the story.

The Virus:
I'm very embarrassed but somehow I missed the complete Amador/Alvers storyline. I watched it, but I forgot to listen. I can't remember a thing they sayed. They want to set the virus free, yes. And it seems they didn't just want to kill the buyer who payed for the virus with that explosion, but Nina personally. Alvers seems to have some kind of grudge against her. Just because of their past relationship or because of something else?

And Nina seems to be willing to sleep with anyone if it fits her needs. :(

And I think Nina actually *knew* more than she said. So -- was it a severe mistake to kill her? I hope not. :(

As much as I love every scene with Sherry, the plotline just doesn't interest me. It really turns to the Season 2 Kim storyline, in my opinion. They better bring stuff together soon. I still think it's possible that someone orchestrated the Milliken AND Anne thing for today to ruin the president. There are just no hints for it anymore. I would rather like to see David working on the virus problem than his own little scandal. Also I fear that Sherry's storyline comes to an end soon too. Milliken is dead. Either she finally goes to prison, or she goes home. What else? She wouldn't blackmail him into marriage again, right? *lol*

Tony & Michelle:
Okay, this really hurts. I wonder when the explosion comes. Tony critizing Michelle in that meeting was not very nice. Was that revenge for her doubt in Tony being fit for duty? And her looks while Tony interrogated Nina. Ouch. I would like to know what she was thinking.

Tony & Nina:
Loved the gesture to let them have this scene together. :) But really - Tony sucks interrogating people. The way he does it doesn't get us anywhere. He's simply to nice. When he started to bleed from his wound again, I got a little bit worried again. But it didn't seem to bother him too much. :)

Chase & Kim & Angela:
Aaawww. You know, I think Angela is such a cute baby. And when Chase held her in his arms, that was so sweet. :) I'm very happy with the endversion (?) of Angelas story. I had hoped for the scene between Chase and Kim to be a little bit more intense, but it was okay. She really has to get over it because Chase is just great. Those kind of guys you should try to keep when you have them. :) With baby or without baby. Also Kim would make a better mother than a CTU analyst. ;) *g*

Jack & Kim:
*g* Cuddling time! Always love that. But like with Chase & Kim, I had hoped for a little bit more emotion. Is it Kim? Nah, not in this one. Jack was too reserved while appologizing. He really needs to open up a little bit.

Will he get in trouble for disobeying Chapelles orders earlier the day? So it doesn't look that way.

Tony, Jack & Gael:
First of all - Gael disappeared into thin air. ;) He wasn't in the last couple of epsiodes. Why? For him they have the new computer geek. He could have filled that part, couldn't he? When will the three get in trouble? The Mexico thing blew. In consequences somebody else should take over. The search is starting all anew, without any hints where to look. Will that problem be picked up in the next episode? I hope so. It was so nice to see that many straints picked up in this one. I hope they will continue to do so.

First of all - he was so damn hot in this one, I barely survived that. *g* I still absolutely love that shirt and the jacket. I loved the fact that they spent so much time on the drug problem. And not just shoved it under the table. I just wish the camera would have stayed longer on the questions. So, Jack started using drugs before the Salazars? Damn. There goes my theory. ;) But what a lame excuse that was that he started with it because of the mission. That's really thin. And since it started around christmas, I still think depressions or something like that are more believable. The Salazars were just a good excuse. First I thought Jacks reaction on Angela was a little bit too desinterested. But maybe not. It is just something absolutely not connected with the problem at hand. He heard it, accepted it, dismissed it. As long as Chase works this out with Kim it doesn't really matter. When Chapelle offered Jack to lie for him during the questioning, I wondered why he would do that. Sounded so out of character. But I'm not sure anymore. It *would* save a lot of trouble and 'bad press'. Having an agent in the office using drugs doesn't look good on the outside. And I bet Chapelle would like to avoid that. ;)

Interrogating Nina:
Tony should have listened to Jack. I loved the fact that Jack warned Tony about Nina doing something unexpected. He knows her so much better than anyone else. They should have let Jack interrogate her. Nothing would have happened. First I was pretty upset when I thought she tried to commmit suicide. What a lame ending! Thankfully it was just a hoax to escape. True. She was a little bit too bad hurt to be able to escape, but that's something better not thought too deeply on 24. I loved the whole escape thing. When Kim grabbed the gun, I was so sure she would kill Nina. And then in the tech room when they had pointed their guns at each other... when that shot came for a short second I was in total panic that Nina had shot Kim. I think I screamed out loud in panic. But no, it was Jack. Yay! Saving his little girl. :D

The final scene, when he shot Nina dead was perfect in my opinion. True, I will miss her a lot, but it was worth it. I really thought Jack would never shoot her without being in danger or someone else in danger. But he did. Nina reaching for her gun wasn't a reason. He just killed her for revenge. But first he had to convince himself that she was of no use for the case anymore. And for me, I'm not sure this is true. Really. I just hope I am wrong and not Jack.

I want to know what will happen next! How will the others react to Jack killing Nina? Will it be covered up, ignored? Will he get punished for killing an informant? And will they let him continue to work after the drug interrogation? I hope they won't let him off the hook to easily. But I fear they will to not hinder the story to continue. :(

Oh, yes - I absolutely loved this episode. :D

Sorry for any spelling errors. English is still not my native language and it's simply too long to check it thoroughly. :)